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Friends of GordoTone

Brian Souders - Brian is a local blues harp player in the greater Sacramento area. Awesome player, terrific harp instructor and all around great guy! Brian is also part of the dynamic duo The Sutter Junkies.

Gabriel Searles - Gabe is an incredible guitar player and teaches guitar as well. Gabe, the other half of The Sutter Junkies. Foot stompin' good times!

Patrick @ JankTone Custom Bass pickups - Patrick is an all around great guy and knows his stuff when it comes to custom wound pick ups. Give him a shout out if you want to get the best tone that you can out of your P or J bass. Tell him Magic Mike sent ya. "Get Janky!"

TurnStyle - Turnstyle Specializes in a patent pending guitar switching system that installs inside the guitar to use the existing pickups to create the sounds of a variety of different guitars and pickup combinations.  Makes a Strat sound like a Tele, Humbuckers, P-90's, and a hollowbody guitar.  All with completely passive analog processors.  Their ProShop custom builds made-to-order guitar electronics to accurately match your one-of-a-kind guitar.


Kyle Rowland - Kyle is a local blues harp player, check out one of his shows!
Free Site & Members Area -- Over 190 tabs and songs -- Jam to the Blues --
All levels -- Complete Beginners Section -- 600 webpages of Info and
Instruction -- Everything you need in one place.
Featuring Hohner, Lee Oskar, Seydel, and Suzuki diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.
Accessories include: cases, neck racks, repair kits, amps, microphones, and much more. Fast shipping.
A fun harmonica resource from our friend Maddie.